Ecuador must reverse its illegal dissolution of Fundación Pachamama

On Dec. 4, the government of Ecuador arbitrarily dissolved the non-profit organization Fundación Pachamama, the […]

Stakeholder-Centered Carbon Pricing

On Friday, October 11, 2013, Citizens Climate Lobby will present a panel at the World […]


Collaborate to Liberate

The Note for Sept. 2013 The false choice between individualism and collectivism is a dangerous […]


Citizens Climate Lobby – a short film

Citizens Climate Lobby from SandDreams on Vimeo. This documentary was filmed by Erica Flock, and […]


Asean Johnson Demands Stakeholder Rights in Education (video)

9-year-old Asean Johnson says it all, very clearly, very directly and very poignantly, at a […]

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Contaminated Land Unable to Feed China

China is running out of land. With a population of more than 1.35 billion people—that […]


Hero of Fukushima Disaster Dies of Cancer, while Radiation Levels Soar

Masao Yoshida, an example of global responsibility, has died from esophageal cancer. Yoshida was in […]


Remembering Janice Nease, Coal River Mountain Watch Founder

Janice Nease was a pioneer in building momentum for stakeholders’ rights in the American relationship […]


Report from the Field: CCL Changing Our Politics

In 2009, three activists went to Washington, DC, to make contact with government, to discuss […]


AIMS Global Alumni Reunion

Cape Town, June 27th, 2013 – Under a perfectly blue South African Sky, 240 participants […]

Happy Feet Dance Troupe

Celebrating a Working Model for Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – The African Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative […]


Mission to the Moon

I am blessed to know and be a part of the inspiring and devoted community […]